Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2014 Edition


Cessation Methods

The majority of smokers (53.9%) who attempted to quit used some form of assistance**. The most commonly used form of cessation assistance was nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), used by more than a third of smokers who attempted to quit (Figure 6.1). Approximately one in five made a deal with a friend or family member to quit, or used a medication like Zyban.


Reducing cigarette consumption as a way to quit remains popular (Figure 6.2), used by nearly two-thirds of those who attempted to quit in 2012.

Since 2003, the percentage of smokers who used stop-smoking medications (SSMs) or made a deal with friends or family remained fairly stable. In all years with available data, few smokers reported using a telephone quitline or workplace cessation program.