Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition

Use of Flavoured Tobacco Products

Flavoured Tobacco Products

In 2010, federal legislation came into effect which banned flavours (except menthol) in cigarettes, little cigars/cigarillos containing 1.4g of tobacco or less, and blunt wraps(viii). However, other flavoured tobacco products remain on the market. Users of non-cigarette tobacco products were asked if any of the products they had used in the last 30 days were flavoured. Overall, 58.0% of those who had used any non-cigarette tobacco products in the last 30 days had used a flavoured product. However, this varied by product: flavoured cigarillos were used by 64.5% of cigarillo users, flavoured cigars by 18.6% of cigar users, flavoured chewing tobacco/pinch/snuff by 64.0% of smokeless users, and flavoured waterpipe tobacco by 73.2% of waterpipe users.