Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition


Smoking In The Home

One in five respondents (21.3%) reported that at least one person in their household was a cigarette smoker. However, the vast majority of respondents (93.8%) reported that no one smoked inside their home on a daily or almost daily basis; 6.2% reported that someone smoked inside their home every day or almost every day (4.1% reported one person; 1.7% reported two; 0.5% reported three or more).

Household smoking restrictions

In homes where no one smoked daily, 5% of respondents said that smoking was allowed inside their home. Respondents who reported smoking in the home (someone smoked daily inside their home or smoking was allowed in their home) were asked whether smoking was restricted in any way; nearly half (48.1%) said that there was some restriction on smoking inside their home. When asked what those restrictions were, 63.3% reported that smoking was allowed only in certain rooms, 55.0% reported that smoking was allowed if windows were open (or other ventilation), 35.3% said smoking was not allowed in the presence of young children, and 16.2% reported other restrictions.

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

Not including their own smoking, six out of ten respondents (59.1%) reported being exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) sometime in the past month, including 12.9% who reported being exposed either every day or almost every day (Figure 5.1).

Reporting any SHS exposure in the past month varied significantly by age,(44) sex,(45) and smoking status(46). As shown in Figure 5.2, SHS exposure was more prevalent among males (compared to females), youth and young adults (compared to older age groups), and current smokers (compared to former and never smokers).