Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition


General Health
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Mental Health

Studies in multiple countries have identified an association between smoking and mental health, including a recent Canadian analysis linking smoking with a number of mental health problems, such as anxiety, mood disorders and depression(iv). Figure 1.13 (below) shows self-reported ratings of mental health by smoking status. While the proportion of respondents who reported “excellent” or “very good” mental health was high overall, it was significantly lower among current smokers (68.9%) than former (74.8%) or never (79.0%) smokers(25).


A similar pattern was observed among both males and females, with little variation from the overall estimates shown above in Figure 1.13 (data not shown).

The proportion of respondents reporting “excellent” or “very good” mental health was significantly lower among current smokers than non-smokers within three of the five age groups(26-30): youth, young adults, and older smokers (Figure 1.14).