Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition

quitting smoking: QUIT INTENTIONS

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Reasons For Quitting Smoking

When recent (past year) quitters were asked about their main reason for quitting smoking, three-quarters (75.7%) cited health. This figure increased to 82.9% when pregnancy or a baby in the household (i.e., health of a child) was included (Figure 6.26). Few smokers cited the cost of cigarettes as their main reason to quit, and 13.4% cited some other reason.

Reasons to Quit by Sex

Health or a pregnancy or baby in the household was the main reason to quit cited by more than eight out of ten recent quitters among both males (83.6%) and females (81.6%) (Figure 6.26). Although fewer females cited health alone (64.6%) than males (82.1%), this difference was not statistically significant(63).


Reasons to Quit by Age

The percentage of recent quitters who cited health or pregnancy as a reason for quitting appeared to increase with age, although age group differences were not statistically significant(64) (Figure 6.27). Approximately seven out of ten youth and young adults cited health or pregnancy as a main reason to quit smoking, compared to nearly nine out of ten recent quitters age 45 and over.