Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition


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Smoking Prevalence by Sex

Smoking prevalence was not significantly different between males and females among students in grades 6-9 in 2012-13(80). However, among youth aged 15-19, in 2013, significantly more males than females smoked(81) (Figure 8.5).

Over time, among 15- to 19-year-olds, prevalence patterns have shifted from higher female smoking prevalence up until 2005, to greater percentages of males smoking in the most recent years (Figure 8.6).

Among students in grades 6-9, the same general pattern was observed, although with much smaller differences between the sexes: females had slightly higher smoking rates from 1994 to 2004-05, and then males had slightly higher rates in the following waves, largely equalizing in the most recent waves (Figure 8.6).