Tobacco Use in Canada
Patterns and Trends - 2015 Edition


Grade 6-9
| Age 15-19

Quit attempts among youth aged 15-19

Among current smokers aged 15-19, approximately two-thirds (68.4%) had ever made a quit attempt.

The majority (57.0%) of current smokers and recent quitters aged 15-19 had made a quit attempt lasting at least 24 hours in the past 12 months: nearly one third had made one to three attempts in the past 12 months, while a quarter had made four or more attempts (Figure 11.4).

Between 2012 and 2013, there was no significant difference in the percentage of smokers aged 15-19 who had tried to quit smoking in the past 12 months(110). Since 1999, the percentage of smokers and recent quitters who had attempted to quit in the past 12 months has remained approximately stable, with some year-to-year fluctuation (Figure 11.5).